For more than 75 years the Technical - Oscar winning Italian industry stalwart Cartoni has been offering state of the art camera support technology, specialising in advanced heavier payload Fluid Heads and Tripods.

  • Cartoni offer a range of Fluid Heads and Tripods to suit all Video, Film and Digital Cinema applications, including the much acclaimed flagship MAXIMA & MASTER MkII fluid heads that join other industry favourites to have come from the Cartoni stable such as the LAMDA & C20 DUTCH-HEADS.

  • With most components unlike other makes being machined in-house, Cartoni heads offer unsurpassed quality that is more than capable of standing up to the rigors of the harshest rental environment whether on set or on the remotest of locations, something that is backed by a 5 Year Warranty. Made in Europe so product, accessories and spares are readily available.

  • Both the MAXIMA & MASTER heads utilize new patented counterbalance technology that is unique to Cartoni and offers the best in camera balance and smoothness of use making them the ideal partner for larger Digital Cinema camera set-ups including the ARRI ALEXA, Sony F5/55 through 65.

  • Another recent addition is the JibO,jib arm, with a three part design this is one of the most versatile, flexible and cost effective lightweight portable jibs on the market today, its one man assembly can be completed in less than three minutes and is supplied in a tough bespoke HPRC resin case for convenient protected transportation and storage.

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