Musashi-Opt Announce Takumi 2 Full Frame Cinema Lens

The new Takumi 2 from Musashi-Opt is a 29-120mm T/2.9 cinema lens for full frame sensor cameras with an industry standard PL mount. The bright T/2.9 aperture is maintained throughout the zoom range for consistent exposure while zooming and for a shallow depth of field.

Given the wide 4.1x zoom range and fast constant T/2.9 value, the Takumi 2 can take the place of several prime or shorter zoom lenses, making it an exceptional value in a dedicated cinema lens. The Takumi 2 has a 9-bladed iris with blades that renders smooth transition from focus to out of focus areas and soft feathered bokeh.

Musashi-Opt’s Takumi 2, 29-120mm T/2.9 Full Frame Cinema Lens is available for pre-order now and shipping begins late May / early June 2021.