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Bebob – founded in 1995 – are a German electronics and engineering company, best-known for their professional power solutions for cameras and lighting.

Popularised by their Rouge series, Bebob batteries have become an industry-standard, notably in the world of rental where their ruggedness and build-quality has additional gravitas.

Designed with a modular concept, even when the capacity becomes insufficient after years of use, batteries can be easily re-celled – notwithstanding the two year manufacturers warranty.

Rouge batteries are available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount, with a choice of 2-channel or 4-channel simultaneous charging stations.

In addition to conventional cine batteries, Bebob have developed CUBE – the world’s first multi-voltage Li-Ion battery with a capacity of more than 1kWh and integrated charger. With a 48V output, it even delivers enough power to run an ARRI S60 at full performance.