Force 7 – the coolest, quietest and most-powerful ellipsoidal LED light engine.

Designed and built in Denmark by BB&S Lighting, Force 7 sets the standard for ellipsoidal light engines, widely suitable for studio-based broadcast, film, gobo projection, flagship showrooms, concert venue & theatre stage lighting.

Combining single source LED technology and a high-grade optical condenser, Force 7 delivers a clean and consistent edge-to-edge light field, without spill, with no double-shadows, even when using gobo or effects.

Colour reproduction is faultless, maintaining a constant colour temperature throughout the entire 0% to 100% dimming range.

Running temperature is next-to-heatless, making the fixture safe to physically adjust at all times. The high-efficiency cooling fan operates exceptionally quiet, at under 18dB. In addition, the low temperature extends the life of any gels or cucoloris used on the fixture.

The power supply is conveniently mounted directly on the yoke, with the light engine drawing just 185W at maximum output.

DMX 512 input & output allows for daisy chaining, providing remote control of multiple fixtures from a DMX-standard control desk.

Wireless DMX is also possible using a combination of Cinelex SKYNODE & DESK-TX8.

Force 7 light engine is compatible with all ETC lens tubes & zoom optics.