DESK-TX8 – the widely-acclaimed portable wireless DMX control desk – has evolved.

Introducing Pages – an all-new operating mode. In Standard mode, DESK-TX8 can be set to 512 unique DMX addresses – with a maximum of 8 active channels. In Pages mode, every-single address can be assigned as an active channel. Each Page represents 8 channels, with 64 Pages in total. So now, fixtures that have numerous DMX-driven parameters work seamlessly with DESK-TX8.

The new ‘Intelligent Memory’ system ensures parameter states are always retained, meaning a light will remain continually active and set, even when controlling  fixtures across multiple Pages. In addition, all fixture settings remain constant until the applicable fader is activated, avoiding sudden jumps when Pages are changed.

All DESK-TX8 from January 2018 will include the new features as standard, at no extra cost. Existing units are eligible for a FREE firmware upgrade, to be completed at the Cinelex factory.

To register for an upgrade, email –