Just another LED light fixture? Not with the Flexible LED by Fomex…

Deciding on a light fixture to purchase in 2018 is a daunting task, particularly for solo lighting camera operators & independent production companies.

With the sheer range of technologies and brands on the market, how exactly do you choose? First impressions are everything – and Flexible LED by Fomex demonstrates quality in every sense of the word. Here are just some of the industry-leading features available only with Flexible LED from Fomex…

  • Impossibly lightweight & highly-durable design
  • Weatherproof IP64 rain & dustproof LED light mat
  • Pure & powerful light output
  • 360° pliability for use in confined & obscure spaces
  • Ergonomic lighting controller with built-in battery plate
  • Ready-to-shoot professional package
  • Unrivalled two-year manufacturers warranty

Flexible LED is characterised by its thin & lightweight design, enabling usage not possible with ordinary rigid lighting fixtures. Being physically lightweight, the LED light mats can be carried easily & quickly as your main lighting setup. An ‘X-Mount’ is included with each kit, adapting the LED light mat for use on light stands and other standard lighting grip. Two Flexible LED models are available; FL-600 & FL-1200. FL-600 is a standard 1’x1′ size, with FL-1200 measuring 1’x2′.

FL-600 & FL-1200 emit a pure light output, scoring exceptional results in both CRI & TLCI photometric tests. FL-600 delivers a maximum of 2,000 lux at 1 meter with a colour temperature range of 3200°K to 5600°K, with FL-1200 measuring a 4,000 lux output at 1 meter with a colour temperature range of 2700°K to 6500°K.

Fomex Flexible LED light mats are designed for all-weather use, protected by an IP64 rain and dust protection rating.

Dimming and colour temperature settings are quickly adjustable using the individual control dials on the controller. Both parameters are shown on the backlit display, allowing for exact value programming.

The controller’s integral battery plate enables continued mobile operation when AC power is not available. All cables incorporate a secure locking mechanism, ensuring a safe and constant connection.

FL-600 & FL-1200 come in ready-to-shoot kits, including all cables, components & carry case for use straight out of the box.

Accessories make a lighting fixture truly professional and it’s where Flexible LED really stands out against the competition. Modifiers available for FL-600 & FL-1200 include the softbox, LiteGrid & LiteBall. In addition, FL-BP boom pole transforms Flexible LED into an overhead boom light.

From an independent camera operator seeking a ‘one-fit-all’ lighting solution, to a rental house looking to offer their clients something a little different, Flexible LED from Fomex ticks all the boxes.