Introducing Gaffers Control, the programmable & portable wireless DMX lighting control desk.

Built into a Peli-style carry case, Gaffers Control is ready-to-deploy on set immediately and packs away in an instant.

Using the common LumenRadio protocol, Gaffers Control is universally compatible with all lights – those with LumenRadio receivers built-in and others using wireless DMX receivers, such as Cinelex SKYNODE.

With a large LCD touchscreen, operating with Gaffers Control is fast and intuitive, even for first-time users.

A well-thought out user interface hides its professional capability, presenting in a logical and accessible manner.

Profiles for popular light fixtures are pre-loaded, with user naming allowing for quick identification of individual fixtures.

Light parameters can be controlled in multiple ways – on-screen virtual sliders, physical master fader or rotary knobs.

Broad adjustments can be made using virtual sliders on the unit’s touchscreen. The physical master fader and 7 rotary knobs allow for more precise control.

Up-to 14 light fixtures can be assigned to Gaffers Control at once, making it more-than suitable as the main control desk for many scenarios.

An internal rechargeable battery enables 16 hours of wire-free operation.