With the British ‘summer’ in full-swing, productions & film crews from all over the world are descending on the UK to benefit from the country’s unique outdoor locations, studios & sets.

Filming outside presents a distinct challenge for camera-operators & DoPs – how to obtain a proper exposure.

Put simply, Neutral Density (ND) filters are sunglasses for a camera, reducing the amount of light that enters the lens, allowing operators to set their iris, shutter & ISO as desired.

Designed & manufactured in Japan, True ND filters represent the pinnacle of ND filtration technology. As a Japanese product, True ND filters are manufactured in a strict, pollution-free environment, ensuring exact quality and tolerance from every filter.

In contrast to other manufacturers, True ND filters employ a metallic alloy film on both sides of the glass, resulting in class-leading anti-reflective performance.

True ND filters also eliminate infrared rays, ensuring accurate transmittance and true neutrality. Infrared rays can cause unexpected colour-shift, an aspect that’s particularly prominent with digital imaging sensors.

Colour-shift is a common and unwanted side-effect from using ND filters. The severity of the shift can vary from brand-to-brand and even filter-to-filter within an individual manufacturer. With True ND, consistently neutral results are guaranteed.

True ND filters are available in 4×5.65 (PV) and 6.6×6.6 sizes, with seven gradients comprising a full set; 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 & 2.1.

True ND are simply the highest quality, consistent filters available.