As crews & rental houses gear-up for the busy summer ahead, a vital piece of equipment might not be getting the protection it deserves.

Italian hard case manufacturer HPRC offer the 6000 series of unique, clamshell-opening tripod cases. Designed to accommodate regular ENG & EFP tripod systems, they are available in three models – 6300, 6400 & 6500.

Each model is available in two variants – empty or with ‘soft-deck’ padding. With an empty case, the tripod can be stored together with its own soft bag, whilst the ‘soft-deck’ padding option allows the tripod to be placed directly in the case.

The materials have been carefully chosen to provide the best mix of durability, strength and weight. Mainly produced from moulded TTX01 plastic resin, the design has been thoroughly tested to withstand drops and impact.

Each half of the clamshell is secured with a strong double-hinged locking system, with a durable neoprene O-ring used to create an air & water tight seal. Multiple padlock positions are located along the edge, allowing for increased security when travelling.

Integrated rubber wheels aid with mobility, whilst a separate dockable handle makes it easy to hand-carry when necessary.

With the 6000 series of tripod cases, HPRC have claimed the unchallenged title of tripod protection that works for everyone.