Canon’s ME20F-SH features a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, helping users shoot crisp & clean video in extreme low-light conditions.

However, its box-like design makes anything except static operation unusually cumbersome.

Japanese manufacturer Protech has a long history of improving camera ergonomics with their ST-7 shoulder mount adaptors.

Recognising the camera’s unique potential for news & documentary shooting, Protech designed the ST-7RCME20 shoulder mount – specifically optimised for the ME20F-SH.

Teaming Canon’s ME20F-SH with the Protech ST-7RCME20 transforms the camera into a portable & comfortable capture system.

Recently, a national broadcaster covered a developing murder-related news story using the ME20F-SH. Its exceptional low-light ability together with the ST-7’s ergonomics allowed a previously impossible live broadcast in almost total darkness.

With multiple points of contact, the ST-7 forms an extension of the camera, creating a stable one-piece package ready for any shooting scenario.

Protech ST-7’s are ergonomically designed to match the feel of a regular shoulder-mounted camera, ensuring familiarity for seasoned operators. The included viewfinder mounting bracket is compatible with Sony 20-pin EVFs – including HDVF-20A & HDVF-C35WR – enabling a true ENG-style shooting experience.

A rear-positioned V-Mount battery plate allows the camera to be powered from V-Mount batteries, in turn improving the overall balance during on-shoulder use.

Built-in connectivity with industry standard VCT quick-release plates allows for fast transitions between handheld & tripod operation.