In spite of the ever-increasing ability to shoot with high ISO levels, on-camera lighting is still very much a necessity for a large portion of applications. When used effectively, on-camera lights help create a more pleasing image, aiding with the reduction of shadows on the talent’s face, as well as improving skin tones.

Cineroid, a Korean manufacturer of professional video electronic products, have recently updated their cost-effective L10C-VC on-camera LED light. The new model is called the L10C-VCe, with the ‘e’ standing for “enhanced”.

A key area of development when comparing the L10C-VCe to its predecessor is in colour temperature. Previously, the L10C-VC had a variable range of 3200°K to 5400°K. Now, on the L10C-VCe, the colour range has been expanded to encompass 2700°K to 6500°K, adjustable in 100°K steps. More importantly, the LED display now shows the colour temperature as “27”,”28”, “29” etc. – allowing users to accurately set a specific colour temperature.

Brightness and dimming functionality has also been improved. On the enhanced L10C-VCe, the brightness range starts at 1% running through to 100%, adjustable in 30 steps. This allows the light to run at even lower output levels.

Powering electronic accessories has always been more troublesome than it perhaps should be. Cineroid have always offered battery plates for virtually all battery types to power their products. In order to help ensure all users can power the L10C-VCe out of the box, Cineroid now include three battery plates in the package – 1x NPF (Sony etc.), 1x LP-E6 (Canon 5D etc.) and 1x BP911 (Canon XF305 etc.). As ever, the L10C-VCe can also be powered with an optional D-Tap power cable (FCB043).

The L10C-VCe still shares many of the favoured features of the model it replaces. In appearance, the models are identical, meaning the L10C-VCe is still small and lightweight, yet built for the demands of location use. Its cooling system is entirely silent, employing vents and air holes as its method of heat dispersion.

Joining the battery plates as part of the bundled accessories is a metal mini-ball head. This can be attached to any standard accessory shoe, such as on a camera, allowing free pan and tilt positioning of the light. If required, the L10C-VCe can also mounted to a tripod or lighting stand thanks to the built-in 1/4” thread.

L10C-VCe is available now through Octica’s dealer network.