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Renowned for excellent optical performance, quality, and durability, Fujinon’s lineup of cinema and broadcast lenses accommodate all Cine, Entertainment, Sports, News and Event applications. Fujinon lenses are built with purpose enabling users to capture the very best shot every time.


Duvo Series

Part of Fujinon’s New Duvo range, the 24-300 T2.9 “Portable” PL Mount Zoom & Dual Format Lens, supports both Super-35 & Full-Frame sensor cameras and is the ideal partner lens for the Sony Burano. Capable of delivering the best cinematic visual expressions featuring shallow depth-of-field and beautiful bokeh, the Duvo 24-300 compact lightweight design offers high mobility in live coverage of sporting events, concerts, documentary and wildlife cinematography.

Duvo 24-300
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Premista Series

Fujinon’s Premista Series lenses deliver the full benefits of a large, high-resolution sensor with their stunning optical performance and minimal distortion throughout the entire zoom range.

Premista 19-45mm

Premista 19-45mm

Premista 28-100mm

Cabrio Series

Fujinon’s Cabrio lightweight zoom series deliver outstanding optical performance and flexibility with their exclusive Drive Unit accessory.

ZK 14-35mm

ZK 19-90mm

ZK 85-300mm

ZK 25-300mm

XK 20-120mm

Cinema MK Series

MK Series achieves high optical performance and low distortion with T2.9 across the entire zoom range.

MK 18-55mm

MK 50-135mm