Accessorise Your Konova Slider!

Sliders have become an essential tool for all video professionals. Konova’s range of sliders are popular with self-shooters and rental houses alike, and can be used in virtually any shooting scenario. Their popularity can be attributed to the compelling balance of price and quality, where the Konova sliders excel.

To aid the operator, Konova offer a range of accessories including Master Pan ‘auto-pan’ and motorised time-lapse system. Konova recently added to this range by introducing the new ‘K-ARM’ support arm and Nitsan Fly Wheel.

The ‘K-ARM’ is a universal solution for supporting the slider when mounted on a single tripod. Even with small-bodied DSLRs, it’s common for operators to use two tripods in order to support the slider effectively. This however makes manoeuvrability and repositioning of the system cumbersome and awkward. By attaching the ‘K-ARM’ between the tripod and the slider, any unwanted movement is reduced significantly, whilst still allowing easy relocation for the next shot.

Designed for use with all new and existing K3, K5 & K7 sliders, the Nitsan Fly Wheel is a counterweight system that reduces the inconsistency from hand-driven movements. The system helps ensure a constant carriage speed, whilst delivering an elegant ramp up and ramp down during the beginning and end of movements.

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