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Octica Introduce Fomex Flexible LED Light Mats in the UK & Ireland

Korea-based Fomex have appointed Octica Professional Ltd. as the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for their flexible LED light mats & accessories.

Fomex’s flexible LED light mats represent an exciting step forward in LED lighting technology, whilst redefining possibilities and in turn, the art of lighting itself.

Being flexible, the mats are able to wrap around objects and even be attached directly to curved surfaces, such as car windows. This is made possible due to the low-weight design, with the 1’x1’ (30cm x 30cm) FL-600 model weighing just 387g. Traditional light stand operation is also possible, as the included ‘X-Mount’ both rigidizes the mat and brings a 16mm female spigot mount.

They offer a colour temperature range of 3200°K to 5600°K and precise dimming from 1 to 100% - settings which are controlled from the intuitive lighting controller. In spite of their low-weight and thin design, the FL-600 model can match traditional 1’x1’ panels for power, delivering a light output of 2100 LUX at 1 meter.

For complete simplicity, Fomex offer a single ready-to-shoot kit which is professionally presented in a bespoke carry bag. Additional accessories including lighting modifiers and mounts are available separately.

The Fomex range will complement our existing lighting brands and will open up new opportunities for both Octica and the companies we represent.

Konovo Slider

Konova appoints Octica as exclusive partner for UK and Ireland

An exciting addition to the OCTICA distribution line up is the introduction of KONOVA to the UK and Ireland market.

In KONOVA we found the perfect partner and having been appointed exclusive KONOVA distributor for UK and Ireland, we are pleased to be able to supply the industry with the KONOVA range of quality, yet economic sliders, advanced time lapse and pan tilt control accessories.

Based in Korea, KONOVA have a long established history in the Photographic industry and have developed their range of sliders, in response to the demand from professional video users.

KONOVA sliders are both smooth and stable, improving the basic elements of film and video capture, covering a range of lengths and payloads, these sliders are suitable for cameras from DSLR through to the Canon C300 etc.

All Sliders feature three-point fixing for when using with one or two tripods / stands and the slide carriage can be tightened or locked off to offer firmer control for when angled on a Fluid-Head, also included is an integral spirit bubble and compass for easy levelling and direction finding.

Accessories include crank handles, motors and motion controllers, allowing easy time-lapse filming; the range also includes ultra-smooth skate dollies too.

All KONOVA slider kits are lightweight, yet extremely robust and are supplied in a tough carry bag for protection and easy transportation.

Available from stock in the UK now, KONOVA products offer affordable quality.

See THE LIGHT with Octica

Octica Professional chosen as exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland for THELIGHT advanced LED lighting systems.

Through its innovative intelligent design and advanced understanding of LED technology, THELIGHT LED lighting offers Absolute Lighting Control over colour temperature, light intensity and beam direction. Available in three models the range covers both Studio and Field use with each model being slim, lightweight, compact yet rugged in design utilising ultra-high-output, long-life, low power consumption LED's giving superior lighting and accurate colour temperature control compared to panel type LED lighting systems.

Utilising a combination of optical, electronic and thermo-mechanical engineering European manufacturer THELIGHT' revolutionary technology makes lighting easier and faster with the need to use correction gels eliminated due to the patented digital variable colour temperature control, dimmer and green/magenta bias. The articulated structure enables instant focusing or flooding of the light beam while the LEDs are supported by specially designed Fresnel Lenses that focus and blend the LED beams delivering a soft but fully directional light.

Compatible with any lighting environment the LED Illumination and colour adjustment is instant, flicker & heat free. Digitally controlled variable colour temperature allows a higher index of colour reproduction to the standards of HD, film and professional photographic cameras. The control unit allows digital adjustments of colour temperature calibrated in 100K increments from 2800K to 8500K while light intensity remains constant, stable digital dimming is calibrated in ½ stop increments.

The current three model line-up can deliver a high light output ranging from 10,000, 9,000 & 5,500 LUX at 1 metre respectfully.

Octica Professional Ltd is the exclusive UK & Ireland Distributor for all THELIGHT Products.

Cineroid appoint Octica Professional as exclusive Distributor

Octica are pleased to introduce the new Cineroid line of DSLR and Digital 35mm camera accessories. Octica is the exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland and are proud to introduce with Cineroid the availability of the worlds first HDSLR- EVF.

With the ever increasing demand to shoot video & film on HDSLR cameras such as the Canon 5/7D a more user friendly and professional viewfinder solution has long been on many users wish lists, this is now a reality with the Cineroid EFV-4L. The EVF-4L is not just for use with the current HDSLR cameras it can also be used with any camera having a HDMI output such as the new Panasonic AG-F101 and Sony PMW-F3.

Cineroid's EVF-4L is ahead of the game and is the worlds first HDSLR – EVF, its feature packed 3.2" hi- resolution wide-angle LCD screen has been incorporated into a lightweight, compact single unit view-finder design eliminating the need for a separate Loupe.

Further features include HDMI Loop through, focus assist Peaking Filter, Pixel to Pixel Mapping, Underscan and audio out via a stereo 3.5mm phono jack and mixed mono via an integral speaker, there is also an intelligent menu with user settable memory keys, the detachable Loupe also flips-up to allow the wide angle screen to be used as a monitor.

Supplied as kit in a robust carry bag the kit includes a HDMI cable, mini ball head, battery and charger, the Cineroid EVF-4L is a ready to shoot package and can be easily attached to any shooting set-up via a hot shoe or articulated arm.

This is the first product in a range from a new and very forward looking manufacturer. Octica is proud to be introducing and supporting Cineroid.

Octica Professional Ltd is the exclusive UK & Ireland Distributor for all Cineroid Products.

Chrosziel appoint Octica Professional as distributor

Broadcast, film and professional video equipment distributor Octica Professional Ltd has proudly been appointed as the new UK & Ireland distributor for all Chrosziel products, effective from 1 November 2009.

Chrosziel are established as the industry leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of MatteBoxes, sunshades, fluid zoom drives and lens controls, both manual and remote for film and video. All Chrosziel products are manufactured to the highest German engineering standards. Offering MatteBox solutions to suit all camera-lens combinations, Chrosziel has responded to public demand and now also offers ready to use, complete MatteBox kits for the most popular camera & lens set-ups. In today's fast paced marketplace of digital acquisition, Chrosziel has also expanded its product range to cover the RED and latest DSLR cameras. Octica will stock the full range of MatteBox kits as well as a wide variety of add-ons and accessories, providing customers with even faster film & video solutions and greater energy efficiency.

Spencer Doran, Director of Octica Professional said: "This is an exciting time for Octica. To be chosen to represent a prestigious manufacturer such as Chrosziel demonstrates that Octica is successfully maturing and affirms our independent and professional dealer orientated approach to distribution."

Chrosziel products complement Octica's current distribution portfolio. Octica is actively looking to develop further distribution partnerships with existing and newer manufacturers seeking to re-establish or introduce their brands in the UK & Europe.

PROTECH & "NIPROS" arrives in Europe

Octica Professional Ltd has been appointed European distributor for all Protech products including the new PS-270VP Optical Fibre Studio System (Marketed under the NIPROS name in USA)

Japanese company PROTECH manufacture a diverse range of broadcast and professional video equipment all made to the highest Japanese standards and advanced technology.

Known in the USA as the "NIPROS/1 System" the PROTECH PS-270VP Optical Fibre Studio System will be available for shipping throughout Europe from September 2009 and complies with all CE, RoHs and all other electrical and environmental standards.

The PROTECH PS-270VP System is a professional video production tool that meets the ever increasing demand for affordable high definition (HD) production solutions. Coupled with a SONY PMW-EX3 the PS-270VP System adapts the camera for full studio operations and for multi-camera field productions, offering full 1920x1080 "HD" production allowing more facilities to change to economical High Definition production.

The Base Station has a full array of I/Os to cover all demands, from the fiber optic connection full 1920 x 1080 35Mps HD content can be transmitted for up to 2Km.

The PROTECH PS-270VP System can soon be seen in action at the forthcoming SONY Professional road-shows and other Star Events being held by SONY across Europe starting this summer.

Available for immediate shipping throughout Europe is the PROTECH ST- range of camera tripod base-plate and shoulder mount adapters.

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ST-1 "PRESS SHOOTER" Tripod Base-Plate Adaptor

The Protech ST-1 "Press Shooter" is a tripod base-plate adapter that allows Sony, Panasonic & JVC MiniDV / HDV / EX sized cameras to be securely attached to full-size SONY (VCT-14) style tripod base-plates. The ability to mount a small camera to a larger tripod is a benefit when using a matte box and other lens accessories and also allows one-touch attachment and release.

Product Code Camera Compatibility
ST-1 SONY: EX1/EX3, HVR-A1/Z1/Z5/Z7, DSR-170 Panasonic: AG-HVX, AG-HMC, AG-DVX


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VST-14 Full-Size Tripod base plate

The Protech VST-14 is an economical replacement full-size tripod base plate (SONY VCT-14) for use with the ST-1 and full-size SONY & Panasonic cameras.

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ST-7 / ST-7J Shoulder Mount Adapters

The PROTECH ST-7/ST-7J shoulder mount adapters convert Sony EX1/EX3 and HVR-Z5/Z7 in to shoulder-mounted cameras, giving Balance and Stability, both feature industry standard V-Mount battery plates allowing cameras to be powered using regular V-Mount batteries such as the OMEGA Power System range DC in & out 4-Pin XLR connectors enable a camera to be powered via an AC Adapter, an on-board camera light or other accessory can be powered directly from the ST7/ST-7J. With an integrated ST-1 tripod adapter plate the ST-7/ST-7J can be securely attached to a standard "full-sized" Tripod Plate (Sony VCT-14/VCT-U14 or Protech VST-14). A side mounted array of 3 x BNC connectors gives the freedom to conveniently connect or remove cables.

Product Code Camera Compatibility


Octica Professional Ltd is currently contacting dealers throughout Europe to establish sales channels to enable customers to buy PROTECH products locally, while we carry out this process please contact Octica directly with all product and order enquires.

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