European lighting pioneer THELIGHT offer the VELVET range of LED lights.

Velvet lights are available in a variety of common sizes including 1x1, 2x1, 2x2 and 4x1. They offer all key features expected from professional LED lighting and much more.

The Velvet lights offer a super-soft high light output that requires no further diffusion or additional gels. All versions & sizes are truly variable, with the ability to set the colour temperature between 2700K and 6500K in 100K steps. Using TheLight's industry leading LED drivers, Velvet's are able to achieve a CRI rating of 95+, whilst remaining flicker-free up to 3000 FPS.

Uniquely, the Velvet lights benefit from an impressive IP54* rain/dust protection rating, making them perfect for all ENG, documentary and location assignments.

The Velvet's are also designed for use in studios, with the built-in DMX port permitting external control of both brightness and colour temperature. With the optional DMX in/out cable, it's possible to daisy-chain multiple Velvet lights and also control the lights using the built-in master/slave setting.

Built from durable aluminium, the Velvet lights are designed to stand up to the rigours of a professional shooting environment. Not only this, but through clever design, the effective rear heat-sink ensures there is no need for noisy cooling fans.

The Velvet 1, 2, 2X2 and 4 all provide a 100º light beam angle. Through the use of a DoP Choice Snapgrid, this can be tuned to a 40º beam, eliminating spill. Velvet lights are also available in high-output 'Power' versions which deliver a 30º beam. 'Power' models offer as much as 10x the light output in equivalent sizes.

* IP54 rating applies to Velvet 1 & Velvet 2. Velvet 2X2 & Velvet 4 have an IP51 rating.

Product photo