Protech PS270VP
Optical Fibre
Studio System
(Shown with
Sony PMW-EX3
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PS-270VP Fibre-Optic System

Known in the USA as the "NIPROS/1 System" the PROTECH PS-270VP Optical Fibre Studio System is now available in Europe with full CE approval and RoHs compliance.

The PROTECH PS-270VP System is a professional video production tool that meets the ever increasing demand for affordable high definition (HD) production solutions. Together with a SONY PMW-EX3, the PS-270VP System adapts the camera for full studio operations and for multi-camera field productions, offering full 1920x1080 "HD" production allowing more facilities to change to economical High Definition production.

The Base Station has a full array of I/Os to cover all demands, from the fibre optic connection full 1920 x 1080 35Mps HD content can be transmitted for up to 2Km.

The PROTECH PS-270-SHDG camera optical adapter supplies the following interfaces to the camcorder:
  • HD/SD SDI input from camera
  • RET video output to camera
  • Genlock output to camera
  • 8-pin REMOTE for camera remote control
  • LANC jack
  • 4-pin XLR intercom headset jacks (x2)
  • 12 VDC output (x3)
  • Front & rear TALLY indicators
  • SMPTE Fiber cable connector
  • LVM-43W LCD monitor

The Protech PS-570-SHDG optical adapter base unit supplies the following interfaces for easy integration into a production studio infrastructure:
  • HD/SD SDI output (x2) / auto detecting (SD/HD)
  • Intercom headset jack
  • Intercom system jacks for support of both 2-wire and 4-wire intercom systems
  • 8-pin REMOTE connector for interfacing to Sony RMB-150 or RMB-750 camera remote controllers
  • LANC jack
  • RET video input to interface to video switcher program output
  • GENLOCK input (can be used to supply teleprompter composite video signal to camera instead)
  • DC in via 4-pin XLR for remote location operation
  • AC power line cord jack
  • Tally IN & OUT connectors
  • SMPTE fiber optic cable connector
  • Includes Protech PS570-SHDG base station unit and PS270-SHDG camera interface unit
  • LVM-43W 4.3" color LCD wide-screen return video monitor
  • 2 intercom headsets
  • Interface cables
  • Base station has full complement of I/Os that will satisfy the most demanding applications
  • The one fiber optic cable connection transmits full HD content from the camera for up to 2Km
  • Return video
  • Teleprompter
  • Genlock
  • Intercom
  • Camera remote control signals
    (using an optional RM-B150, RM-B750, or the new Sony RM-1000BP LANC camera control unit)
  • Power to the camera from the base unit
Tripod Base-Plate Adapter
ST-7 / ST-7J Shoulder Mount Adapters
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