Based in Korea, KONOVA have a long established history in the photographic industry and have developed their range of Sliders, Motion Controllers and Pan-Tilt systems in response to the demand from professional video users.

  • KONOVA sliders are both smooth and stable, improving the basic elements of film and video capture, covering a range of lengths and payloads. These sliders are suitable for cameras from DSLR through Canon C300, Blackmagic Cinema Camera(s) and Sony F5/F55.

  • Available in three payload versions, the K3 Series (18 kg ), K5 Series (23 kg) and the heavy duty K7 Series (35 kg), with slider lengths ranging from 80cm to 150cm.

  • Sliders feature three-point mounting for use with one or two tripods/stands. The carriage has a secure brake to lock off the movement of the carriage. On the rail itself there is a bubble level for easy levelling, with everything fitting in the included tough carry bag for convenient, protected, transportation.

  • All the sliders are based upon a modular system, allowing users to build their equipment up from a basic slider to a fully automated motion control system.

  • The 3-axis Motion Control System uses the Smart Head Pan-Tilt unit, additional to the motor which controls the operation of the slider carriage. All 3-axis can be programmed and controlled from the Pan-Tilt Controller simultaneously or independently.

Product photo