Experienced Korean lighting manufacturer Fomex produce a range of flexible LED light mats that enable new possibilities for filmmakers and stills photographers.

Fomex Flexible LED light mats are available in two lightweight models; the FL-600 (1’x1’) and the forthcoming FL-1200 (2’x1’).

Combining low weight, thin design and 360° pliability into a LED lighting fixture permits previously impossible mounting, positioning and operation. The LED mats can be adhered directly to walls, windows or virtually any surface – curved or otherwise.

The included ‘X-Mount’ also allows the mats to emulate a regular rigid lighting fixture – incorporating a 16mm female spigot for mounting on light stands or other lighting grip.

For ultimate practicality, the FL-600 light mat has been designed for all-weather use, with an IP64 rain and dust protection rating.

These impressive physical characteristics are backed-up by equally-notable photometric data. Colour rendering test results of CRI 96 and TLCI 98 ensure the light output virtually mimics that of natural light sources. This ensures colour reproduction is true-to-life, making post-production and colour grading more straightforward.

With a colour temperature range of 3200°K to 5600°K and precise dimming from 1 to 100%, the FL-600 is as flexible in operation as it is in form. These settings are adjusted using the simple and intuitive lighting controller. In spite of its slight nature, the FL-600 can match traditional 1’x1’ panels for power, delivering a light output of 2100 LUX at 1 meter.

For absolute simplicity, Fomex offer a single, ready-to-shoot kit which is professionally presented in a bespoke carry bag. Additional accessories including lighting modifiers and mounts are available separately.

Affordably priced and covered by a two year warranty, Fomex’s Flexible LED light mats offer an overall package that cannot be matched by any lighting fixture available on the market today.

Product photo