With over 10 years of research before launch, in its own now patented LED technology, Fiilex provides powerful and adaptable lighting with beautiful cohesive designs.

P-Series delivers a range of versatile lights intended for location-use. The P360EX combines everything needed for a shoot in challenging conditions; a weather proof exterior with 400 watt equivalent output, tuneable from 3000°K to 5600°K.. Both the P360EX and the P360 are built with solid state technology, reducing the chance of damage through transport or mishandling. P180 is more compact, ideal for camera-top mounting or setting up in tight spaces on-set.

The Matrix panel light is an accommodating LED fixture, strong enough to work on its own or as part of a larger setup. Its ability to emit a 1500watt equivalent using Fiilex's own Dense-Matrix technology, this light combines the benefits of the diffusing throw of a panel and the controllability of a fixed source set-up. The light has impressive photometrics, with a CRI higher than 93 and has a built-in mount to work with a soft box.

The latest from Fiilix, the Q1000 delivers an enormous amount of power (1500 – 2000 watt equivalent) combined with outstanding quality, with a weather-proof design and a colour temperature range of 2800°K to 6500°K.  The Q500 edition is a smaller variant with built-in DMX and LCD display, allowing you to operate remotely to get the desired lighting results.

Product photo