Korean manufacturer Cineroid have established themselves as a leading producer of EVFs and High-Power LED lights for Broadcast, Film and DSLR Video.

Since introducing the world's first EVF for DSLRs in 2010, Cineroid have gained a reputation for manufacturing the most advanced and convenient range of EVFs. The premium model, the EVF-4RVW, includes innovative features such as vectorscope and waveform monitoring. The robust metal chassis also houses a Retina display ensuring accurate colour representation and pin-point sharpness.

The EVF-4RVW accepts both HD-SDI and HDMI inputs with HD-SDI out loop through, allowing you to pass the signal to another monitor or recorder. Also available are economic HDMI and SDI only models, the EVF-4CHe and EVF-4CSe. All models accept 1080 60P signals, ensuring compatibility with the latest higher frame-rate cameras.

In addition to EVFs, Cineroid offer a range of high-power compact LED lighting. The range includes the LM400-VCe, which offers greater light output than a standard 1x1 Litepanel, but with just 25% of the footprint. The panel is also bi-colour variable, between 2700K and 6500K.

Cineroid also offer the PG32e, a portable pattern generator aimed at making calibration and camera set-up quick and exact. Uniquely it also works as an HD-SDI to HDMI cross-convertor as well as a confidence video monitor with waveform and vectorscope monitoring.

Cineroid have also developed a pioneering V-Mount battery hub (4in1-SLVA) which utilises popular NPF type batteries in order to supply power to professional accessories, just like an ordinary V-Mount battery. The hub also features D-Tap and USB outputs which can be used to power other accessories. Lastly, it doubles up as a 4-channel simultaneous charger, making the laborious task of charging batteries much easier.

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