Octica is pleased to distribute the full range of lightweight rental, studio and location grip equipment from renowned German manufacturer ABC Products.

  • The ABC Products, economic range of high-quality light-cranes cover an array of operational lengths (1m – 12m) and payloads (1Kg – 30Kg), all ABC cranes are lightweight yet robust and are quick & easy to erect and operate.

  • Being of sectional design, ABC cranes can be operated at various lengths and can be packed away in carry bags within minutes for efficient storage and convenient transportation. The ABC crane range includes the Mini, Traveler, Speedy and 100 & 120 series.

  • All cranes can be used with ABC Dollies and Bullstands / Tripods as well as the ALEX (15kg payload) & PELE (30Kg Payload) remote heads that are supplied with all necessary cables and controls to create the very best in complete crane grip kits.

  • Other industry favorites from ABC include their Willi Go Dolly systems and their latest Movie and economy lightweight carbon fibre DSLR Jibs that can accommodate a diverse range of camera sizes to give further camera dexterity when shooting.

  • Other recent GRIP additions include the ABC (MovieTech) Scooter Dolly for those looking for a heavyduty, rugged location slider and the new more compact Li-ion battery powered Alpha Dolly.

  • We offer a full sales and support service for the complete range of new Products, Octica also offers support for users with existing products too, including a prompt spares service.

  • Octica can also consult on installations of other MovieTech brands such as their MTS & LASTRO studio equipment lines.

  • Contact Octica Professional Ltd for prices

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